Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dishwasher Grime

So I know I am not alone in the annoyance I am having with my dishwasher detergent because of the new laws pertaining to the amount of phosphates used in them.  I have seen stories on the news, read many news articles and even seen posts on other blogs about what they have tried get their dishes nice and sparkly again.  The general consensus seems to be that vinegar will do the trick but I've tried everything I have seen suggested and was still having major problems with my dishes looking horrible.  I  suddenly realized I needed to play around with different settings on my machine (brilliant idea right!  I just don't know how I come up with these things ;-) and I seem to have found something that works.  Instead of washing my dishes on a normal setting I switched it to the pots and pans setting and use a little less detergent.  This may not work for everyone but I thought I'd at least post what I found is now working for me in case someone else is in the same situation and wants to give it a try.

All my dishes were looking like the glass on the left.  It's not the greatest picture (I seem to say that a lot, I think I need a new camera) but the one on the right really is very sparkly with no residue at all!  Thank goodness because I thought I was going to have to switch to all paper and plastic products because I was so tired of having to rewash all of my dishes.


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