Friday, January 7, 2011

WASHING You a SOAPER Happy Birthday!

Last week when I was doing my after-Christmas Christmas shopping I saw the cutest packs of washcloths at Kohls.  All 8 washcloths were bundled up in a cute little ribbon for $4.00 making them $.50 a piece.  I knew at that price I'd be able to make some cute something or other out of them and suddenly I thought of cupcakes.  Yesterday I went to dinner and a movie for my friend Michelle's big day so I hurried and whipped one of these up to give her.  I also had some Bath and Body Works soap that I had snagged at a great price and put them together in a gift bag.  I was so excited to put my theory to the test and I am super "soaper" excited about how they turned out.

Step 1:  Fold the washcloth you will be using as your frosting with both sides to the center:

Step 2:  Fold the washcloth in half:

Step3:  Roll it up on an angle!  It's better if it's a little loose so you can finagle it later:

Step 4:  Fold the washcloth you will be using as the cake in half:

Step 5:  Then fold it in thirds...this makes it kind of bulky:

Step 6:  Wrap the cake washcloth (with the folded side on top) around the bottom of the frosting washcloth (with the folded side on the bottom).  I really hope that makes sense:

Step 7:  Take a large, clear plastic ponytail (see it on my thumb in the picture above?) and wrap it around the top of the cake washcloth:

Step 8:  Turn down the layers of the frosting washcloth until you are happy with the results.  Tuck the bottom layer into the clear rubber band:

Step 9:  Decorate your cupcake!  I used a very light duty spray adhesive and regular cake sprinkles.  Have your sprinkles ready to use!  I very, very lightly sprayed the washcloth and immediately sprinkled my sprinkles.  I couldn't take any pictures while doing this because you need to do it so quickly.  After the sprinkles I took a red pom pom and sprayed the adhesive directly on it then placed it on top:

Step 10:  Tie your choice of ribbon around the cupcake to cover the ponytail, attach a tag if you'd like and presto!  You have your own zero calorie cupcake:

Oh, and by way of disclaimer, make sure you tell the recipient to WASH the washcloths before using!  lol.  If you don't use a heavy duty adhesive and only a little there shouldn't be any problem.  I tested it out and it washed out just fine.


  1. This is so cute! The little sprinkles are a fun touch!

    If you get a chance tomorrow, I'd love for you to stop by and link up to my blog hop :)

  2. haha, this is so fun! I love it. I featured you today on my favorite things :)

  3. I absolutely love it! Thanks again Melissa! You really are so talented, creative, crafty and smart!

  4. OH MY GOSH! This is awesome! I love it!!!


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