Monday, December 5, 2011

Super Cute Quilt-As-You-Go Quilt!

I have a love/hate relationship with sewing.  I LOVE handmade, sewn goods.  I think they can range from cutsie to stunning.  In my opinion, sewing is one of those things that you can't really fake your way through.  Either you know what you're doing or you don't.  I have enough skill to get myself in trouble.  I think I can do something and about halfway through when my back is killing me, my eyes are burning and I really want to give up but I'm bound and determined to no longer start a project and not finish it so I keep on plugging on.  That happened to me last Saturday when I suddenly decided to make a quilt for my parents for Christmas.  You see, I had been wasting my time on the lovely Pinterest when I saw a pin for a quilt that could be made in one night and it was big and super cute.  Hmmmm.....I was pretty disappointed when I watched the video and realized that the tutorial was only for a 36 by 36 inch quilt.  But, I really loved the look of it and it did seem pretty easy.  I thought, "Yep!  I can do that tonight and get caught up on some of my favorite shows."   So, down to the fabric store I went (in pj's and no make-up, of course!).  I found cute fabrics that will work with my parents home and started sewing around  8:30 p.m.  Now, I want to state that I don't know who made the claim that you could make a quilt in one night.  I don't remember hearing that on the video.  If  the 36 by 36 inches is the size you want, you absolutely could make this in one night.  I wanted more of a lap quilt/throw type thing.  I only made it to about 2:30 a.m. before I finally gave up and realized this was going to be a two night project.  lol.  Anyway, I think it turned out super, super cute.  I followed everything the girls said in this video except I had to figure out the measurements for a larger quilt.  Also, my store didn't have the greatest selection of flannel so I used it for the top and bottom but just regular cotton prints for the squares.  That said, now that I mastered the first attempt, I actually think I will make this again.  I really to love the look and feel of it!  Even better, I feel a teeeeensy bit more confident, maybe next time it will only take me one and a half nights...ha ha!  Anyway, check out these gals in their super cute video and then take a look at my pictures and hopefully you can make your own!

Step One...
Gather your supplies:

Step Two...
Wash and press your fabrics...boring, I didn't take any pics of that.

Step Three...
Cut your squares into 3.5 by 3.5 inches
(I think I ended up with almost 170 squares)

Step Four:
Lay out your top piece.  Draw your grid of 4.5 by 4.5 squares.
(bad pic...sorry)

Step Five:
Take your fabric squares and center them in the squares you drew on your top piece.  Use the fabric glue stick to help hold them in place (I just did a small X in each square).  I wanted the quilt to be truly random so I did not follow a pattern.  My only rule was that I didn't want two of the same side-by-side, although corners were fine.

Keep on going 'til they're all done!

Step Six:
Another no picture step.  Lay out your bottom piece, batting and then your top piece .

Step Seven:
Sew, sew sew!

A few things to note:  Sew off your grid lines and not the edge of your squares.  As you can tell there's not a whole lot of measuring but a whole lot of eyeballing it with the squares.  I think it adds to the charm to have some of them a little crooked.  But, if you're sewing according to your squares, your lines that show on the back are going to be pretty squiggly and I'm guessing you won't want that.  I didn't pin the quilt.  the flannel really grabs the batting pretty well.  I also had enough extra on each side that I knew I could square it up if it shifted at all.  I sewed the shorter sides first to help keep everything in place when I started on the longer rows.  I also turned the quilt half-way through to help with the bulk that ended up shoved against the side of the machine.

Step Eight:
Another step not worthy of a picture...trim down the sides as best as you can.  I'm sure there are great ways to do this...I was too tired to care so I eyeballed it off the grid line.

Step Nine:
I had tons of my 3.5 squares left over when I most brilliantly, thought it would be cute to use the squares sewn together for my binding instead of a solid piece.  I sewed them all together and then pressed the seams open.  I then pressed it in half length-wise.

Step Ten:
Bind the quilt.  Here is where I really got into trouble.  I'm not quilter.  I searched a bunch of you tube videos for binding.  I didn't want to spend the time hand binding so I chose to go with the machine binding...GASP...I know I just killed some of the die-hard quilters out there but hey, this was supposed to be a one night quilt remember!  P.S.  this was my favorite tutorial.  I also got sucked into watching about ten more of them...she seems like such a fun lady...

Step Eleven:
Wash the quilt.  And then be prepared with some scissors to trim down all the threads.  Now, I know it's meant to look a little rustic and I won't trim them down in the future.  The first washing you're going to have more than any other time.

Step Twelve:
Wipe the blood, sweat and tears away and be happy you're FINALLY finished!  ha ha.  I'm just kidding.  I sure hope my parents like it.  Here are a couple more pictures.  I love how the back ended up with lots of cute squares.

A couple shots closer up...

After taking the finally picture I started working on this post.  When I was finished I turned around to find my cat, Smudge, curled up on it.  So cute!  She's a feisty little thing.  This is about as close as we can get to her.  Makes my little "rag" quilt look like it should be in a country magazine don't you think?



  1. Love the quilt! The sleeping cat makes it look even better. :)

  2. This is way cute. It looks like something I might actually be able to attempt, and I am not a quilter or sewer. Thanks for showing your how to!

  3. Mel this is awesome! Wish I had the where-with-all to do this! Maybe after Christmas I can get it together!


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