Sunday, March 22, 2015

Have You Decorated Your Pantry?

I have a weird obsession about what I call 'neglected' spaces.  Those places in our homes that have a purpose, but we also don't give them much thought.  Don't ask me why, but I think a quick peek under a sink cabinet or a closet says much more about a person or the way a household functions than many of us would want to admit.  Do you shove items so they are out of sight?  Are they organized?  Are the a little of both?  Most of my cupboards and closets are pretty organized but a few, I have actually decorated.  I love opening the door and seeing an unexpected surprise.  Many years ago, many people fell in love with the home pantry featured at  I was no exception.  The biggest problem is that I am a renter and my pantry isn't very big.  And while I have a cool landlord that has let me paint in the bedrooms, if I ever move, I don't want to have to repaint a pantry.  So....I took some ideas from the House of Smiths but made it a little more renter friendly by using scrapbook paper and spray adhesive.  Because the walls are painted, if needed I can pull the paper down, give the walls a good scrub and you'd never know this had been done.  I scoured a bunch of thrift stores for the wire baskets, and Hobby Lobby for the others.  I found my glass containers at Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Ikea.  I actually put this together quite a few years ago and my kids are great about putting things back where they belong and it generally stays looking exactly the way it is in the pictures.  I have had a couple people ask me how the paper holds up since I didn't coat it with anything and I honestly haven't had any issues.  Mostly because there isn't every anything wet.  Occasionally I do notice the paper coming loose and a quick spray of the adhesive fixes it right back up.  Honestly, the $50ish I spent on this decorating really has kept me happy and my organized!

The very top shelf holds paper items and food products we don't use often.

The second shelf holds most of my dry goods such as pasta, rice and beans.  We just might eat more ramen noodles than I care to admit.

The third shelf is where my baking supplies are, and probably my favorite shelf.  It looks like I need to refill my sugar container.

The fourth is where the snack foods, cereal and non-refrigerated condiments are held.

And the floor, well, that's nothing special and holds canned goods and a plastic container of cat food and some larger bulk items. 


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