Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Weeks' Purchases and a Coupon Class!

Wow!  I am a little surprised that I have officially been asked to teach a coupon class.  I was even offered to be paid for it but I declined.  I'm really not trying to make any kind of money with this, just trying to save money so I am excited to share my views on all the coupon stuff!  I'll be teaching next Thursday, October 14th at 6:00 p.m. in Orem.  If you are interested in attending let me know and I can get the address to you.  I know this blog mostly seems to be about shopping and I promise it's not.  I just don't have as much time to create things as I wish but I do have to buy food so that's how it's working so far.  Anyway, here are the pictures of my shopping trips to Smith's and Walgreen's this week.  I definitely got some great stuff!


After feeling a little upset after my trip last week I analyzed some of the websites I love and realized that 1) I don't know if they have full time jobs because they often talk about driving to multiple stores which I absolutely do not have time to do and 2) I seem to purchase a broader range of products and don't focus just on the few items that are an amazing deal.  I've guess I would rather buy higher ticket items when they go on sale but they don't the amazing deals associated to them.  For example, one scenario I saw this week had about 3 items listed and purchased them over and over in multiple transactions.  I also bought some of those items but also included 2 of the Pledge Pet Hair Remover because after trying one I was hooked.  I love having our cats but hate cat hair on the couches and these work amazingly well.  So, that said, I've decided I need to change my $10.00 challenge to a $10.00 guideline.  lol.  This week I spent $12.51 and bought:

3 EOS fruit lipglosses
2 Crest toothpastes
2 bottles v8 Fusion (Strawberry/Banana yum!)
2 packages microwave popcorn
2 Pledge Fabric Sweepers
and I still have a $3.00 register reward to start out with next week!


One of the funny things about coupon shopping is that your purchases look so bizarre.  Just remember that over the next few months any time I need to cook anything with cream cheese I got 10 bricks for FREE in October!  They are all marked, rotated and sitting in my freezer for future use.  My total this week was $11.59 and I came home with:

1 head lettuce
6 bags Quaker rice cakes
2 boxes Rice Krispy Treats
2 bags Doritos
10 bricks cream cheese


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  1. Have you ever frozen cream cheese? I didn't think you need my recipe for Pumpkin Rolls so you can make and freeze them! Hey! How about I post it on here? Hmmmm.... it's an idea!


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