Thursday, November 4, 2010

Success or Disaster? (and a new Rug)

I promise the strangeness of my title will make sense by the end of this post :-).  A few years ago I decided to host an annual Halloween party.  The thought of making my house as creepy as possible and making some fun memories for my girls has me thinking of ideas months in advance.  I had grand plans for this year.  Unfortunately, they didn't all see fruition.  I had two sick kids over the previous week and had been out of town at a work conference for a couple of days.  And, I have a super bad habit called procrastination.  Don't ask my why I thrive on doing things at the last minute but I do.  Anyway, the reason I'm blabbing about all of this is because even though I had to scale back on most of the decorating projects I had thought of I was really excited for the food and activities.  This year's menu included:

a cauldron filled with brains and eyeballs
(spaghetti and meatballs)

a pumpkin filled with bones

a few drinks called, Cat's Prowl and Bad Blood
(Sunkist and Cherry 7Up)

moldy, spider infested popcorn
(white chocolate covered caramel popcorn with spider rings mixed in)

and the most adorable little mummy oreo pops

We were going to play a few Halloween games, watch Corpse Bride and make mummy votives (I've got a weird thing for mummies).  I was stoked.

We handed out the invites about 2 weeks ago and only had about 10 girls RSVP.  I know that not everyone is so polite to do this (you can see my rant a little later) so I planned on maybe around 12 girls or so.  The night of the party I finished preparing the food, got the kiddos dressed and the doorbell started ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and ringing.....get the idea?  TWENTY SEVEN, yes 27, girls showed up at my house.  It was absolutely CRAZY!  Some of the older girls are taller than me (not hard since I'm only 5'1") but I also had little 3 and 4 year olds that I literally feared for their safety!

So, with my having to yell over all the chatter we took turns with the little kids playing games first and then the big kids.  I had bought a couple of prizes to give out but because we had to take so many turns playing the games I wouldn't have had enough so I didn't give out any.  When it came time to eat I ran out of food.  Breadsticks were gone in a flash and because I had made them from scratch I couldn't just whip up another batch.  I had to make more spaghetti (luckily I have plenty on hand in my food storage), the popcorn, which is extremely rich and I only make a couple of times a year was just enough for everyone to get a couple handfuls and then it was gone too.  Luckily I had made enough of the oreo mummies that everyone was able to get one.

As for the mummy votives, well I had completely scratched that idea until my mom showed up unannounced (she lives about 30 minutes away and happened to be running some errands "up north" as we Utahns like to say) so I sent her to the local craft store that was only going to be open for another 15 minutes to get me some more supplies.  Phew.  That was a lifesaver.

So, all in all, if you think having tons of kids so excited for a Halloween party show up on your doorstep and tell you how much fun they had, then it was definitely a success.  If you feel terrible that there wasn't enough space or food to go round and it was a pure chatoic disaster you've got my vote.  I'm thinking next year we're going to have to figure something else out.  I don't think my nerves can handle a repeat.  RSVP will you people?  Seriously!!!  Alright, that's enough of my soapbox there.  Hopefully you will be understanding that in all the chaos pictures were the last thing on my mind so I only got a few.

I couldn't decide which was the best pictures of these cute little spiders.  We made them out of styrofoam balls and pipe easy!

These are the mummy oreo pops.  Once i trimmed the excess chocolate and had them all wrapped up they were adorable. 

Mmmmm.  Eyeballs & brains.
It's a fuzzy picture because the steam got on my camera lens. 

Some of the kids settling down to watch the movie. 

Here are some of the smaller kids.  They escaped upstairs and started playing by themselves to get out of the craziness. 

The drinks.  Cute labels were found at the dollar store.  I just taped them onto some black cardstock before putting on the bottle.

The mummy votives.  Adorable!  Thank goodness for the fancy, schmancy LED tealights.  I would never suggest wrapping fabric around something with an open flame.  Gotta think safety you know:-)

Oh, and about the rug, I've had my eye one one for quite a while now and hadn't bought it because I didn't really need it.  Let's just say that lots of spilled drinks and spaghetti finally gave me the perfect excuse to buy it (still gotta get the carpets cleaned though).  It's a hint modern and bold but still with all the warmth that matches my room.  Now on to finding the perfect coffee table....


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