Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to Temptation Tuesdays!

I have mentioned that I would like to start some regular features with this lil' ole blog and I have decided to start with Temptation Tuesdays.  I can't promise that I won't miss some Tuesdays (in fact I most likely will miss more than a few) but hopefully I'll be able to tempt you all with some of my favorite recipes.  If you try them I would really love to hear back from you.  Are you ready?  Alright the very first Temptation Tuesday is featuring.....drumroll please.....

Chicken Enchiladas!

I hope that's not a let down, put I promise this recipe is like no other I have ever tried.  It has a very smoky flavor and it's made with a very special ingredient you probably wouldn't associate with mexican food.  Here's how you make them!

Cook and then shred 2 cups of chicken.  The seasoning doesn't come from the chicken so I just boil mine....nothing fancy.

While the chicken is cooking I use the microwave to make the rice.  Here's the secret.  You don't use any old rice, you will need to use Zatarain's Black Beans and Rice.  This is where all the flavor for this lovely dish comes and it is absolutely delicious!  If you've never seen it before it will be with all the other brands of boxed rice. This is what the box looks like (minus the date of my purchase obviously):

and what it looks like after cooked:

While your chicken and rice are cooking shred 2 cups of cheddar cheese, and mix together 1 can of Cream of Mushroom soup and 8 oz of sour cream.

Then spread a dollop of the mixture on 8 tortillas.  I never measure, just a light layer on each:

When the rice is ready, add a large, heaping spoonful to each tortilla.  Then add all of the chicken and then your desired amount of cheddar cheese. 

Roll up and put in your pan:

Spread the remaining soup/sour cream mixture over the enchiladas.  Make sure to cover the edges with sauce or they will get hard and crunchy while baking.  Then sprinkle any remaining rice and cheese over the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Enjoy!


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