Saturday, February 5, 2011

K-Mart Shopping

I'm not a huge fan of Walmart.  Actually, that's putting it lightly.  I detest Walmart.  I literally feel myself get angry for no reason when I walk in the door.  Especially now that coupon shopping is my way of life.  Sometimes I look at the prices and think to myself, "Do people really think these are good prices?"  Unfortunately, there are times when I really do need to go in and grab some things.  I know I am not in the "norm" when it comes to this but I much prefer K-Mart to Walmart and fortunately for me, K-Mart is closer to me anyway.  When I am in the need of some discount items for my home that is usually where I end up.  The store I shop at is very clean and organized but I admit their prices are slightly higher than Walmart.  I get around this by waiting for the items to go on sale and then they are usually cheaper.  Anyway, the point of this post is that they now offer a great rewards program which has sealed the deal in choosing K-Mart over the other.  It is a program where you sign up with your personal information and get a card...just like at some grocery stores.  Every time you shop, you need to swipe your card so you earn points for everything you purchase.  These points add up and can be redeemed like cash.  Also, they periodically have double coupon sales in certain departments.  I didn't realize until yesterday that they were having one of those sales this week.  They will double coupons up to $2.00!!!!  That is a HUGE deal in couponing!  You can only use 5 coupons per day so I was sad that I only discovered this was going on today or I would have made a few trips this week.  After I combined their store sales with my double coupons I got all of this for only $12.36.  I also redeemed my points that were on my rewards card and what do you know?  I had $5.00 worth of points so my total only came to $7.36.  I was listening to an employee tell another customer that she saved all of her points until Christmas last year and had $200.00 in points that she was able to use for gifts.  And I'm sorry, the same toys are sold at K-Mart as anywhere else so why not get them for absolutely free?  I think that is a great idea and I'm going to save mine for the end of the year as well.  And, even better, you also get points for shopping at Sears.  If you want to check out their program click HERE!

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