Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello!!! Is Anyone Out There?

Hey there!  This is just a quick little blurb to let you all know (if anyone IS still looking at this blog) that I haven't forgotten about it.  Life has just kept me extremely busy for the last month or so.  I've been doing a lot at work and have no energy for much else once I get home. My car kept breaking down on me so I finally bought a new one.  My dryer broke and by the time I was able to have it fixed I had mounds of laundry to do.  I've lost the battery charger for my camera and last, but not least, my mouse on the computer quits on me every other time I try to use it (I have to unplug and plug it back in multiple times to get it working again....not very fun).  Oh, the joys of single parenthood.  ;-)  In spite of all this I have been trying to get a few things done around my place and I've also been asked when Craft Club is starting again.  Soon....I promise!  In the mean time, let me know what you think of the new font.  I'm so happy blogger finally got some cute ones available to use!  I hope everyone is healthy and happy! 

1 comment:

  1. Our mouse has been doing the same thing for the past month! It's very annoying! You'd think I'd just go get a new mouse, but no . . .

    This is a cute blog! I'm glad you are finding time to do things you love.


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