Thursday, December 30, 2010

and Silhouettes...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had figured out a new way to make something that was not a new idea.  I was referring to the silhouettes I made.   In keeping with my uber-cheap Christmas I still wanted to make something that was classy and nice.  I made two sets of these:  one for my parents (who have everything and are hard to buy for) and one for my girls dad and step-mom (I have no idea what they would like so I figure I'm always safe sticking with things related to the kids).  I only took a picture of one of the sets (and unfortunately I think the second set turned out better because I had better frames) and next time I will definitely not take a picture with the glass still in the frame...that glare/reflection is a nightmare!  Sorry, I'm rambling, back to my "original" idea on how to make these.  I didn't want to have to deal with finding a projector.  I saw some ideas where people took a picture, printed it, cut it out and even painted that.  Because mine were going in a 5 X 7 frame I knew I could skip quite a few steps by just using my computer screen.  After taking the girls pictures against a plain wall I simply pulled up the picture on my computer, sized it to a 4 X 6 size (so there would be some space around their profiles when in the frame) taped a piece of plain paper to the monitor and traced away very lightly.  I then took my profile cut it out and traced them again onto black cardstock and cut them out again.  It really was super easy.  I then used my new laser printer (Christmas gift to myself!  lol) and printed their name and the year to finish it off.  I'd say they took less than an hour to make all 3 and depending on the frames you buy the cost can be around $5.00 a piece.  I loved them and I also think they would make great Valentine's Day presents which is right around the corner.

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